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Who we are

We are a group from Hannover whose goal it is to welcome refugees in Germany. We establish contact between supporters and refugees, organize joint activities and convey refugees in cooperation with "Flüchtlinge Willkommen" to normal housing situations.

We will bring You together!

Get Support

You would like to meet a Hannover local who can show You the city, can help You with doctor visitations or complicate paperwork, teaches You German or just someone to have fun with?

Register here and we will get You in contact with friendly people :)

Tandem Partnership – How does it work?

You want to get in contact with people from Hannover? This is the right place!

Get in contact with people

Maybe You will need a bit of patience until we get back to you.

A bit of patience

You will receive a message as soon as we have found a matching Welcomebuddy for you.


You will arrange a first meeting and get to know each other in an uncomplicated and personal way.


Note: Please fill in the fields marked with *.


You would like to move into a shared flat or another private housing situation? Register at "Refugees welcome". We will contact You once we have found an appropriate room for You.

Follow this link to "Refugees Welcome" ->


We support, transform unknown into known and help strangers to become friends. A colorful society does not work just by living next to each other but by living and experiencing together.


In the Photo from left to right:

Katharina unfortunately left us
Fynn (not in the photo):

Freunde & Partner

Du bist Willkommen is a project of the Association ContRa e.V. (ContRa Rassismus).


We are looking forward to receive Your message, question, idea, criticism or media requests at:
Du bist Willkommen! c/o Alena Heuser ·

Press inquiries to presse@du-bist-willkommen.

You will find current pictures on our Facebook Page.